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Kerry Dyer


Prop and Puppet Maker




Kerry Dyer is a nerd. She reads comics, she plays videogames, she reads Sci-Fi and sub par supernatural themed novels. But what she really loves to do is build and animate stop motion puppets for film and television.

She’s worked on awesome productions for companies like Aardman and the BBC. She’s made Turians from Mass Effect, she’s sculpted decapitated and simultaneously impaled dragon heads for awards ceremonies, she makes puppets & props for the television & film industries and sometimes collaborates on cool art projects.

You can find out more about Kerry (not usually from a third person perspective) on her blog at


Sculpting, Mould-making & Casting in Silicone, Resin, Prop Making, Animating, Artworking, Airbrushing with silicone, Rubber ink, PVC and Cellulose, Armature construction, Basic woodwork, RP clean up, Silicone Seaming, Foam-Latex clean up, Fibreglassing, working with Jesmonite, Puppet Maintenance, Sewing, Basic Leatherwork